It all began 15 years ago with the single ambition of living a more creative life. High-tech marketing left me void of purpose. I needed to make things. Beautiful things, funky things, playful things, crazy things…

And then one day, I made my wedding invitations. I didn’t use ivory paper. I didn’t mail them in envelopes. I didn’t apply love stamps. I broke the mold. I designed something that was personal and distinct and unconventional (a barn shingle wrapped in twine and placed in a box). It turned an ordinary experience into an expressive, authentic moment that elicited sincere excitement from our guests.

In that moment, RedBliss Design was born. It was created not only to fuel a passion, but to bring personalized creativity into others lives too. Life's most special events provided an obvious avenue for this ambition and so, custom invitation design became my vocation. Of course, anything worth doing is even better when you do it with someone you trust and admire. My sister, Dori, and I became a team with a shared vision to build a creative lifestyle that fed our souls.

Being in the business of spreading joy is truly rewarding. Finding ways to do it that capture the spirit, style and persona of our clients is paramount to us. Our process relies on responsive, genuine collaboration and superior execution. The custom avant-garde invitations we create are a blend of modern materials, quality artistry and clever fabrication techniques. The result is bold, distinctive and personal. 

Each creative journey hinges on big ideas and tiny details, which is why we manage every part of the invitation design process from concept to mailbox. We believe that creative expression starts with the first impression. If you agree, we would love to hear from you.