Love Thy Post Office

Let me start off by saying that we love our post office! It's not a big place, nor is it fancy, but the relationship we have with them is very important to us. They know who we are when we walk through the door and always take special care of our mailings. And in return, we try to do what we can to make it easy for them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are several things we do to help out... We separate the pieces in our mailings, by zip code if necessary, so that there is less handling and sorting on their end. We offer to hand cancel our envelopes and we almost always use custom postage which requires no postal markings. We often calculate our own postage (sometimes this can feel like advanced mathematics) or we bring a sample to the post office prior to mailing to ensure it will make it through the system safely. When we have an extremely large mailing we inform our post office a few days ahead of time. And, we try to drop off our mailings during off-peak hours.

In return, our local post office allows us to bring in mailings after hours (even on Saturdays). They will drive out to the studio to pick up a large mailing or call if there's a problem with one of our pieces. When on the hunt for specific stamps, they will call other local facilities to find them if they don't have enough. And, most recently they tracked down save the dates that went missing. It involved five levels management but they were persistent on our behalf and it was discovered a sorting machine had malfunctioned and had "eaten" many of them. They followed up with a claim to have the postage refunded. 

Once our invitations leave the studio, we concede control to the post office. Having a strong relationship with them is essential to our business.  -DM

Custom postage for Life Is Beautiful festival invitations.

Custom postage for Life Is Beautiful festival invitations.