We Have A Secret

Well, not after today.

So, here's the thing. Party hosts often have to communicate a lot of information to their guests. Where to book a room? How to find the venue? When to RSVP? What to wear? Why donate? And much of this information is never part of the main invitation. It is presented on separate cards, from as few as two to as many as six or more. As a designer, finding a place for these cards to "live" is critical to a killer presentation. We want guests to see the invitation first and the information cards last. But we can't bury them and we won't toss them in the envelope at random. For this reason, we devised the secret pocket.

If you have 13 seconds, this video clip will show you where we hide the pocket inside the envelope. This design technique allows the invitation to take center stage while the inserts remain visible and neatly in place once the invitation is removed. No mess, no fuss and nothing to upstage the invitation.

The secret is out.  -CT

David Bowie photographed by Gavin Evans.