Four Ways to Keep It Real

Sisters. Business partners. Best friends. To have the good fortune of all three is not lost on us. Whether working closely with a family member, business colleague or creative partner, here are several ways we keep it real and harmonious.

1.  BAN STEAMROLLING. We’re an opinionated duo. So it’s important that we hear each other, elicit feedback and play devil’s advocate.  We consult each other on every important business decision to ensure we’re aligned. Without agreement, harmony is lost and the focus shifts to feuding over business vs. fueling our business.

2.  CONSCIOUSLY UNCOUPLE (a.k.a. divide and conquer). We each have very different and distinct responsibilities. Our roles within the company are tailored to our individual strengths. This division of leadership has allowed each of us to have clear ownership and has resulted in better scalability.

3. PINKY SWEAR. Swear to be honest with each other and yourself. Be candid about the good, the bad and especially the ugly. An inability to examine and solve issues breeds resentment versus resilience.

4.  LAUGH HARD AND OFTEN. There can be so many challenges from day to day that it’s important to keep it all in perspective and have a laugh. Sometimes this is the hardest and most important advice to follow.

How do you manage your partnerships successfully?  -DM

Sisters. Business partners. Best friends.

Sisters. Business partners. Best friends.