Know Your Number

How do you measure your success?

Is it the number in your checkbook, the number of followers on social media, the number of hours you spend with your family each day, the number of trees you can see out of your office window, the number of clients you have, the number of hours you volunteer, the number of likes you receive, the number of designer shoes you own, the number in your retirement account, the number of minutes you don’t spend commuting, the number of vacation days you take…

Figure out the numbers that are most important to YOU. Success isn’t a cookie cutter proposition and shouldn’t be defined by social convention or a single metric. As long as your numbers align with YOUR definition of success, you’re doing something right (and likely happy as a result).  -CT

P.S.  One of my numbers is 90. I spend 90 minutes with my husband every night for dinner, no matter what. The fact that I can achieve this number every day is part of my success story.

Bella typeface.

Bella typeface.