Trust Me (And Them)

When you start something from nothing, you have to put a lot of trust in yourself. You have to learn to trust your gut, your intuition and your inner voice. You have to trust that your art will be valued, that your choices will lead to acceptance and that your fears are normal. 

As you grow, you discover who you can trust to produce your art to the standards you demand, in the time needed and with a fierce loyalty to quality. Pretty soon, you trust them implicitly and you expand, extend and accelerate.

Once your work is acknowledged, accepted and valued (a benchmark that you have earned the trust of others), you need to place trust in your clients. You need to trust they have a respect for your art, a desire for creativity and an appreciation for excellence.

All in all, the strength of your business is built upon the trust that is invested, earned and reciprocated.  -CT

"Circle of Trust" by Tom Roderick

"Circle of Trust" by Tom Roderick