Our Story

 Dori McDonald and Christine Traulich \ Photography Credit:  Phillip Van Nostrand Photography

Dori McDonald and Christine Traulich \ Photography Credit: Phillip Van Nostrand Photography

Our story begins in Minnesota, where we grew up spending our time on the lake and running through fields with dreams of living in the big city. We had chores, and arguments about those chores, but we were instilled with hard-working values at a young age.

After college, we worked at large firms and moved to big cities. But it’s funny how life comes full circle. We eventually settled back in the country and decided to pursue a life of creativity. RedBliss Design was born.

As sisters, our similarities and differences have made us a solid team for over 17 years. Where one is boisterous, the other is quiet. One believes that more is more and the other believes less is more. When combined, there is perfect harmony – most of the time!

Being in the business of spreading joy is truly rewarding. Finding ways to do it that capture the spirit, style and persona of our clients is paramount to us. Each creative journey hinges on big ideas and tiny details. The result is bold, distinctive and personal. 

It is our love of creating drop-dead gorgeous first impressions that expanded our work from mailbox to tabletop and inspired the launch of our Chroma chargers/placemats and stationery products. Our charger collection is fast-becoming a tabletop staple at events worldwide. The line is also available at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Our goal is turning ordinary experiences into expressive, authentic moments. We do it for the jaw drop.


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